Our Visegrad: Creating Visible Ideas for the Young

Detailed Project Description


The four schools taking part in the project ”Do You Speak Visegrad?” have decided to continue their cooperation in further promoting the Visegrad idea. It seems that all four schools have a number of students who are very deeply interested in the Visegrad countries and their culture. We find it extremely important to keep up that interest among the youth so that they should know more about each other and continue thinking about the Visegrad countries as their special intellectual and cultural environment.

The idea of the project is to bring together 6 students from each school for a Creative Workshop in the summer of 2017 where they would produce various intellectual and physical artefacts. They would be asked to create special products based on their understanding of what the Visegrad idea means for them and how to promote it to other young people. These products would include giant posters with photos about the four countries, commonly designed mind-maps as well as toy figures reflecting upon the people of the four countries.

The first stage of the project would be brainstorming sessions and a public competition within each of the four schools. Teachers and students would vote on the best ideas and designs which would be the basic material for the Creative Workshop in Debrecen.

The second stage would be a 5-day Creative Workshop conducted by fine art and music teachers/experts in Debrecen, Hungary. The pieces of art and design would be exhibited at the end of the workshop to an international audience studying at Debrecen Summer School. As part of this event, the participants would also create a photo and video montage of their work which would be uploaded on the project website as well as on the website of their school.

The final stage would be local exhibitions of the artefacts created during the Workshop in the four schools participating in the project.


Project Schedule:

  1. Starting date of the project: 1 March, 2017
  2. Kick-off meeting in Martin: 11 March, 2017
  3. Creative Workshop in Debrecen: 1 – 5 August, 2017
  4. Local exhibitions: 1 October – 30 November 2017
  5. Closing date of the project: 31 December, 2017

Participating Schools:

  • Debreceni Fazekas Mihály Secondary School
  • Gymnasium of Natural Sciences Ostrava
  • Milan Hodža Bilingual English-Slovak Grammar School
  • Zespół Szkół w Gogolowej

Project Coordinator:

  • Debrecen Summer School